Junior Blind Olympics,    March 18, 2006,    Part 1





Junior Blind Olympics

We were lucky to see their feeling

After threats from weathercasters, with Skywatch, Doppler 7000 and other super machines, only bad weather would take the glory of our Olympics away. Their predictions were not to be. From sun-up through the day, the weather was great. When they arrived, and throughout the day, these kids—7 to 19 years of age, totally blind to partially sighted—these 200-plus kids were ready to compete. GEO operated three of the four lines of the track events. This is the point where words are needed to express both disappointment and happiness. The disappointment: only 3 of our 130 club members showed up to help these blind youth have a glorious day. That number clearly does not define the Optimist International motto, "Friend of Youth." The happiness: the GEO sponsored Boy Scout Troop 683 saved the day for us. Thank you Scouts of 683, your leaders, and your parents, for holding up this GEO commitment. You all did a terrific job for us and the Junior Blind Youth participants.  We were lucky to see their feeling, including their joyful faces and hands caressing their medals won at the end of the day. This event was a great day for everyone.


By Dwayne Hayden,  GEO President