Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree, Indian Cove - Part 1 / IMG_1277

February 20-22, 2009




This past weekend from the 20th to the 22nd, we went on our annual rock climbing outing in Joshua Tree. We left Mr. Akiyama's house on Friday around 6:30 or so. After a three hour drive to our campsite, we all hopped out of the cars to help set up camp. Because it was night time when we arrived, we unloaded the lamps and turned them on first. The adults set up the kitchen, while the boys set up their tents. We picked a fairly good area to establish our tent formation (which was a U formation). We then set up the tents. After everything was set up, we all went into our tents, where we chit-chatted about the upcoming day and some other stuff. The next morning we woke up just before seven, so we could get breakfast going early. The Azn Invasion made breakfast burritos with egg, bacon, cheese, salsa, and sausages. The Dinos made ochazuke. After eating breakfast, we readied our day-packs for rock climbing. Later, we hiked a small ways to the rock climbing spot. Once there, we put our climbing shoes on and gathered around our instructor, Mr. Willis. He quickly gave us some useful climbing tips before we started climbing. There were four climbs based on difficulty level. On the right was the easiest of the climbs, building up to the fourth one all the way on the left, which was the hardest climb of the four. After climbing for a few hours we went back to camp for lunch. The Azn Invasion had quesadillas , while the Dinos had udon. After lunch, a few of us went exploring, looking for caves. When we came back, we went bouldering. We bouldered three rocks, then returned to camp. As soon as we got back, we started dinner. The Azn Invasion used the dutch oven to make enchiladas. The Dinos made loco-moco. We also made dessert. The Dinos made apple cinnamon cobbler, and the Azn Invasion made a peach one. After eating and clean up, we sat and enjoyed the fire. We later went to bed. The next morning, we woke up and had breakfast. The Azn Invasion had apple turnovers, and the Dinos had muffins. We went repelling later too. Though after repelling, We were all sad to leave. In all, we all had a great time enjoying ourselves rock climbing.