Winter Camp at Buckhorn in the Angeles Forest / IMG_3327

March 21-22, 2009




We came back from our winter camp on sunday in the afternoon.  The campout lasted from the 21st to the 22nd.  The first day was beautiful;sunny and clear.  After setting up the tents and digging out the fire pit, we had a lot of fun playing in the snow. We had a couple of snowball fights and went sledding.  We started dinner early because our dinner, chicken fetachini alfredo, was one that called for a lot of preparation.  We all had the same dinner because there were only two scouts from the Azn Invasion, so all of the patrols combined to form one "superpatrol."After eating dinner we all gathered around the warm fire and dried our socks and gloves. Later we all went into our tents where we all played cards.  The next morning we all woke up to snow. It was so exciting. We burned the leftover wood from the previous night.  Like I said before, the snow was exciting, but when it came time to pack up, it was just annoying.  Eventually we finished packing and hiked out. It was still snowing by the time we got to the cars, but it was in the process of dying down. In all it was very fun and we all enjoyed ourselves.